Gaudi in Barcelona (Art & Travel to Spain)

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16 May 2020

Gaudi architecture in Barcelona

Spanish, Catalonian architecture

One of the anticipated highlights of our [now cancelled] trip to Spain was experiencing the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, especially in Barcelona which abounds with his unique “wonky” Modernist architecture.  Too many to note, four were tops on my must-see list. 

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

Of course, the basilica (“Holy Family”) is the highlight of any trip to Barcelona!  Begun in 1882, it has been a work in progress for nearly 150 years with hopes to be completed in 2026.  Its facade as “cake-in-the-rain” with other-worldly spires.

Casa Mila / La Pedrera

Gaudi’s The Quarry” (c. 1910) is a roller coaster of melting-ice-cream eaves and playful rooftop sculpture gardens.

Park Guell

No trip to Barcelona is complete without a trip to this fanciful park designed by Gaudi complete with a Gingerbread House. 

Casa Batilo

The House of the Dragon/House of Bones (c. 1904 ) has tibia-like pillars, skull-like balconies and a soft-ice-cream-cone turret topped with a cross. 

As I complete this post, I wish I was there today as planned (*sigh*), enjoying tapas and fresh-caught seafood.  I look forward to visiting Barcelona some post-COVID-19 time when international travel becomes safe once again and elbowing up to an appetizer bar does not require social distancing!

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