National Parks & Full Moons in Art & Life (Ansel Adams, USA)

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06 July 2020

“Moon & Half Dome, Yosemite National Park”

Ansel Adams, American, Photography, 1960

Full moon! National Parks!  = Ansel Adams!  This favorite photo reminds me of that spectacular full moon we had this past July 4th weekend—Wow!—and our national parks—top summer vacation destinations.  

I totally admire Adam’s ability to capture both the moon and the night sky with detail, clarity and precision—having personally never succeeded in my attempts to photograph either one!  In this unique Summer of 2020, news reports tell of record numbers of Americans taking road trips and flocking to state and national parks, much as it was during the mid-20th century following a half-century of wars. 

“Moon & Half Dome, Yosemite National Park” photograph by Ansel Adams

With his iconic images of US national parks, Adams put these destinations on the minds and itineraries of Americans yearning to get out, travel and explore America.  He was known for his black/white images of the American West and his persistent advocacy for environmentalism and promoting conservation of wilderness areas.  His photographs created a public awareness of and support for the expansion of our national park system and also helped establish photography among the fine arts; for his accomplishments, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1980.

TRAVEL TIP: Consider a vacation at one of the USA’s fabulous national parks for your next road trip. And, the next time you visit a national park, pause, look at the beauty—take a photograph—and thank Ansel Adams! 

For a look at more of his work, I recommend going to The Ansel Adams Gallery , a commercial site (ignore the prices!), but full of quality images of his best work on all subjects.  

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