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Tips for the Best Trip Ever!

How to best prepare ahead of time – and – what NOT to miss!

TRAVEL TIPS have been included throughout my posts, both for traveling in person to the location as well as from your armchair in the comfort of your own home. It may relate to the art work, artist, museum and sites included on that post. I’ve compiled them in the sections below for your convenience by area and topic. These are not meant to be all-inclusive by any means–they are part of my journey and my discovery on this blog! Travel Tips will be expanded regularly along with the posts.

There will also be TRAVEL TIPS that I think may be helpful that do not relate to any specific post. I will include websites from applicable museums and applicable sites. Tips will be incorporated on topics such as City Passes; selecting luggage; packing tips; combating jet lag; TSA screening; airports–the topics are endless!

Join me as we discover how to get the most out of our travels, both abroad and at home (literally and figuratively!).

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Armchair Travel Tips have been included with things such as movies, films and books that relate to or can enhance both one’s travel experiences and preparation for the trip.

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