Film Discussion: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Armchair Travel & Art: This fun film has mystery, suspense, action, romance, comedy, history–and lots of “art sightings” – for the whole family! And now that our world may be opening up a bit, it may even instill traveling to the Smithsonian Museums, Washington, D.C. My blog shares not only the plot and actors but highlights of the art showcased throughout!

Film Discussion: My Life in Ruins (Travel to Greece)

Do you want to experience a tour to the highlights of Greece from the comfort of your armchair? This is the film for you! Great scenery and ancient architecture with a fun, lively cast on an all-too-realistic tour makes me want to book the next flight to Greece!

Fitness in Art and Life (Greece)

Healthy living and fitness are a recurring theme during the pandemic to combat this deadly disease. The focus on fitness as seen in the Olympic Games was key to living and witnessed in their famous sculpture such as the Diskobolos and Doryphorus – highlighted in this blog.

Warriors in Terra Cotta: Art for Then & Now (China)

A recent photo of our Modern Military Warriors in terra cotta uniforms – reminded me of photos of China’s phenomenal Terra Cotta Warriors, both lined up for service to their country. In this blog, you can view this photo of modern “terra cotta” warriors as I also showcase this famous non-western Chinese terra cotta masterpiece.

Minneapolis Institute of Art: Mia (MN) Art & Travel

Museums are slowly re-opening after COVID forced closures. Anxious to get back to some normalcy and explore the world once again, a good first step is to starting in our own backyard. The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MN) re-opens January 28. My Top Picks to not miss on your Mia visit are in my latest blog.