Film Discussion: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Armchair Travel & Art: This fun film has mystery, suspense, action, romance, comedy, history–and lots of “art sightings” – for the whole family! And now that our world may be opening up a bit, it may even instill traveling to the Smithsonian Museums, Washington, D.C. My blog shares not only the plot and actors but highlights of the art showcased throughout!

Fishing Season Opens: Art (Winslow Homer)

In recognition of the Great Minnesota Fishing Opener 2021, I share Winslow Homer, the American Realist painter of All-Things-Fishing. An avid fisherman and artist, he not only painted people fishing for work and for play, but visually set the scene for the viewer to experience the rough waves, misty air and warm sun. My blog highlights a few of my favorites.

Art for Mothers Day: 2021 (Whistler)

Famous Art of Mothers. “Whistler’s Mother” comes to mind; vicariously described as an American icon and a Victorian Mona Lisa. The artist was annoyed that viewers called it a “portrait;” it was an “arrangement in grey and black,” its official title. Interesting details on this famous painting are highlighted in this week’s Mother’s Day blog.

Freedom of Speech in Art (Rockwell)

Freedom of Speech, constitutional right of all Americans, is the theme of this painting by Norman Rockwell. The first of a series of Four Freedoms laid out by President Roosevelt in 1941 portrays evidence of the historic heritage of democratic discourse of respectfulness as we share ideas, despite apparent differences. My blog digs deeper into Freedom of Speech: the painting and the topic.

Art in Ice in Minneapolis (MN)

Art In Ice celebrates Art in the cold Minnesota winter! Enjoy five key artworks from the Mia collection interpreted in ice sculpture in Minneapolis parks. Photos, reflections, highlights, travel tips from our fun Art In Ice field trip this week, along with my “awards” for each sculpture are available on my blog.

Film Discussion: Julie & Julia (France, NYC)

“Julie & Julia” is a fun, inspirational film on the true stories of 2 women who are passionate about French cooking. Julie Powell (NYC 2002) sets out to prepare all 524 recipes in 365 days in the French cookbook by the infamous, Julia Childs (Paris 1950s). I found cause for deep retrospection in light of the pandemic’s impact on our lives.

Standing Tall: Art for President’s Day 2021

Happy birthday, George! Today is President’s Day when we honor all USA presidents. I focus on Washington because he was first. Did you know that America had “court painters” much like Europe before the camera? Learn more as my blog highlights 4 famous portraits of GW, including my 2 favorite at our local Mia.

Minneapolis Institute of Art: Mia (MN) Art & Travel

Museums are slowly re-opening after COVID forced closures. Anxious to get back to some normalcy and explore the world once again, a good first step is to starting in our own backyard. The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MN) re-opens January 28. My Top Picks to not miss on your Mia visit are in my latest blog.

MLK & Art for The Problem We All Live With…

Today is a national holiday honoring the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. My blog highlights several works of art including portraits and photgraphs of Martin Luther King Jr. along with Rockwell’s famous painting, “The Problem We All Live With,” which symbolizes the continuing struggle for racial equality. They reflect the life and legacy of his great man. Read more about these paintings and his legacy in art on my blog.

Rooms on the Sea in Art (Hopper)

I love the sea! I love cruising on the sea. Hopper’s “Rooms by the Sea” reminds me of the view I would be enjoying from my stateroom balcony this week were it not for COVID shut downs and restrictions on travel! Enjoy my reflections in Hopper, the sea and cruising in this week’s blog.