Father of Waters, Mississippi: Art & Travel – Mpls. City Hall, MN, USA

“Father of Waters, Mississippi” reigns in the center of the Grand Rotunda of the Minneapolis (MN) City Hall. As a child, I visited this iconic statue with my dad, rubbing his big marble toe for good luck. My blog shares photos and fun facts about the statue plus the clock tower, the bells, the stained glass skylight and marble staircase that make up his grand home.

The Last Supper: Art for Holy Week (Leonardo da Vinci)

Maundy Thursday: “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci is one of most recognized art of all times. As Christians observe the last supper of Jesus with his disciples this week, this painting highlights the event and the individuals involved. My blog provides an Armchair Visit to its home base in Italy, close up photos, and insight into this masterpiece.

Film Discussion: My Life in Ruins (Travel to Greece)

Do you want to experience a tour to the highlights of Greece from the comfort of your armchair? This is the film for you! Great scenery and ancient architecture with a fun, lively cast on an all-too-realistic tour makes me want to book the next flight to Greece!

Fitness in Art and Life (Greece)

Healthy living and fitness are a recurring theme during the pandemic to combat this deadly disease. The focus on fitness as seen in the Olympic Games was key to living and witnessed in their famous sculpture such as the Diskobolos and Doryphorus – highlighted in this blog.

Film Discussion: Letters to Juliet (Travel to Italy)

In this film, our Armchair travel takes us to Italy where we experience the wonders of its beautiful landscape, delicious food and wine, and amazing culture. “Letters to Juliet” is the ultimate “chick flick” filled with heart-warming relationships not only for lovers of “Romeo & Juliet” but anyone interested in a good love story with a happy ending.

Valentine’s Day: Art in A Kiss (Klimt)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve selected Klimt’s famous painting, The Kiss” to represent this day we set aside to show love for those close to us: family, friends and lovers. For discussion on this life-size, golden art and the famous artist, check out this week’s blog.

Smile, Mona Lisa! (Leonardo da vinci)

No study of famous art would be complete without a look at what is arguably the most famous painting in the world: the Mona Lisa–and her famous smile! Who is she? Where is she? What’s the big deal about her smile? Her eyes? Find out more on my blog!

Film Discussion: Tea with Mussolini (Italy)

I love Italy! The opportunity to travel to Italy, absorb its art, architecture, history, culture, and landscape has been a highlight of my life. This movie set in WWII and its star-studded cast, provides something for the lover of art, the lover of history, the traveler, and is a great intro to the intoxicating culture of Italy. Enjoy my discussion of the film on my blog.

Novel Discussion: The Agony & The Ecstasy (Italy)

Novel Discussion: Armchair travel to Italy I was a college freshman when the movie The Agony and The Ecstasy was first released in 1965. Assigned to compare a novel and its film adaptation, I selected this book and movie. This decision changed the course of my life; I was introduced to the tempestuous life andContinue reading “Novel Discussion: The Agony & The Ecstasy (Italy)”

Film Discussion: The Agony & the Ecstasy (Italy)

“The Agony and The Ecstasy” includes 3 of my favorite things: Michelangelo, Renaissance and Italy; this film has them all, and much more! Set in Florence and Rome, this in-depth drama of Michelangelo’s painting of the Sistine ceiling and his battle-of-wills with Pope Julius II is filled with history, drama and lots of great art.