Michelangelo Alert! (MOA Exhibit; Mpls, MN)

Cher’s Famous Art

17 November 2020

Rome comes to America! November 2020

Sistine Chapel Special Exhibit

MOA Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota

14 January 2021 update: This exhibit is again open after having been shut down for several weeks by mandate of the Minnesota governor. Check the website for times, dates, and costs. I highly recommend booking your reservations ahead of time to guarantee an entrance. https://chapelsistine.com/event/mall-of-america/

I LOVE Michelangelo and his work both in paint and in marble. It was a rare opportunity to attend a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of Michelangelo’s art of the Sistine Chapel art at the MOA (Mall of America, Bloomington, MN). I can highly recommend it.

Versions of the exhibits are also in St. Louis and Phoenix; I have no idea how they differ. Details and links on the website: https://chapelsistine.com/event/mall-of-america/

Cher with the Creation of Adam at the Sistine Chapel art exhibit at the Mall of American, Bloomington, MN.
P.C. Fellow Visitor 17 Nov 2020

I’ve had the privilege to visit the Sistine Chapel at St. Peter’s in Vatican City, Italy twice, and while this does not provide the true experience (high ceilings, side wall paintings, noisy crowds, “whole” cultural experience) it does provide a great close up view of things one can never see in person–and a lot cheaper than a trip to Rome (if one could get there!). I was not expecting to see much new, but there are sections I don’t even recall seeing in books such as David killing Goliath! And the blurbs provided on easels next to the paintings were very informational and insightful for both a Michelangelo “expert!” and a newbie.

Another exciting thing is that one can take all the photos one wants! Currently, visitors cannot “legally” take photos in the Sistine Chapel per a stipulation made by the Japanese company that did the restoration in the 1990s.

I think most of the ceiling paintings are close to true-to-life-size. The Last Judgement is large, but not the size of the real one. I felt MOA and the exhibit were very safe, going above and beyond to take all necessary precautions. I bought timed tickets online to insure a spot, but they can also be purchased on site (a bit less as no middle-man fees). $14-$19 (discounts for seniors, military and students). I was not rushed in the exhibit, but recommend one allow 90 minutes minimum including time viewing the video at the end.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Last Judgement (on far wall) by Michelangelo (as seen in a poster at the exhibit)

Exhibit entrance with Creation of Adam, a Sybil, and an Ancestor

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

God creates the Sun and the Moon

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

God separates Light/Day from Dark/Night

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

Temptation of Adam and Eve and the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

David slays Goliath

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

Jonah and the Great Fish

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

Last Judgement, the wall above the altar

P.C. Cher B 17 Nov 2020

TRAVEL TIP: This exhibition is well worth the time, money and effort to experience it. I was glad I booked first spot in the morning as there were no visitors ahead of me. It will be in Bloomington, MN; St. Louis, MO; and Phoenix, AZ well into 2021. Plus the MOA is a great visit in and of itself!

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