Art Studies

Cher at the Sistine Chapel art exhibition at the MOA (Mall of America) Bloomington, MN November, 2020. See Michelangelo Alert! blog.

With a passion for good art by the masters or current local artists, I have spent my life appreciating and studying art. With a degree in studio art and as a teacher of art and art history for students of all ages, I love to instill that passion in my students. My goal for them is cultural literacy so that they can “see” and appreciate art in the word around them. This could be recognizing the Ionic Greek columns on a state building or recognizing an iconic painting or sculpture in an advertisement, cartoon, or parody.

With my masters degree in theology, and lifelong study of history, I enjoy incorporating these elements in my studies. Placing the biblical characters of Abraham, Daniel and Esther into the art and architecture of the Ancient Near East makes everything and everyone come alive: the era, the people and the Bible.

Exploring The St. John’s Bible at Collegeville, Minnesota, USA

Forced into the virtual realm of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and shut down of my face-to-face classes, I am currently examining, matching and sharing works of famous art to current events. These can be seen on my pages of “Cher’s Famous Art for the Pandemic” and posts on my Blog, with new posts added weekly and on special events and holidays.

Exploring the Minneapolis (MN, USA) Sculpture Gardens and Robert Indiana “LOVE” sculpture

During this pandemic, I do miss my live-face-to-face students, but I have acquired a new group of students as I provide weekly Art History Lessons of “Cher’s Famous Art” for my Face Book friends, whoever wants to listen! I am pleased to say I have quite a following of very diverse students all over the country–and am learning a lot from them and their experiences as well!

They have shared their experiences in viewing/visiting the various art and architecture I’ve presented, providing me with new depth and insight (as all good students are prone to do!)

Exploring Rice Park, St.Landmark Center & Rice Park, Art & Travel, St. Paul, MN USA Paul, MN USA – Peanuts Cartoon sculptures

They are all ages: high school students to senior citizens and in-between.

They are my family: cousins, aunts, uncles, my children and my husband!

They are friends: some from long ago I knew as a child, a high school or college student, a co-worker– and those I just met in a recent work-out class at the YMCA!

Exploring St. Mary’s Basilica, Minneapolis, MN USA and “Angels Unawares” special exhibit

My FB friends are the ones who have been providing me with the intriguing YouTube experiences I’ve shared with you on this website. I look forward to their future input as this ‘class’ grows and morphs into something fun and exciting in the future! Stay Tuned! You, my website friends, will benefit as well!

Exploring Minneapolis (MN, USA) City Hall and the “Father of the Water” sculpture

Skip shopping at the local market in Crete
Skip & Cher on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Prof Cher’s class in a vineyard at the foot of Assisi, Italy.

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