Jesus Cleanses the Temple: Art for Holy Week (El Greco)

Holy Week! The week between Palm Sunday and Easter, was literally set in motion by Jesus Cleansing the Temple and Driving out the Money Changers, as seen in 4 dramatic paintings by El Greco. My blog highlights not only these 4 paintings, but also the most important week in the Life of Jesus Christ—and for us.

Art for Facing the New Year: 2021 (Picasso)

As the old year ends–and a new one begins, I have selected “Weeping Woman” by Pablo Picasso this week because I feel it is representative of both the old year–and the new! The horrors faced in 2020. The uncertainty we face in 2021. What will 2021 have for us! Find out more about this painting and its artist on my blog.

Gaudi in Barcelona (Art & Travel to Spain)

One of the anticipated highlights of our [now cancelled] trip to Spain was experiencing the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, especially in Barcelona which abounds with his unique “wonky” Modernist architecture. Too many to note, 4 were tops on my must-see list.