“Look! There’s a Lichtenstein!” (Art & Travel: Barcelona, Spain)

Cher’s Famous Art

18 May 2020

“Head of Barcelona” / “El Cap de Barcelona”

by Roy Lichtenstein, American, pop art

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (1991-92). 

I was looking forward to seeing this street art while visiting the city on our [cancelled] trip to Spain for 2 reasons.  First, I absolutely adore outdoor sculpture (mainly because I can TOUCH it!) and I find Lichtenstein’s cartoon-like art intriguing. Second, it stands tribute to having achieved my goal of instilling cultural literacy in my students so that they are able to recognize styles and artists they encounter in museums and in everyday life. 

This huge sculpture (46’ tall!) was created for the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona. Lichtenstein was inspired by and honored the organic forms of Barcelona architect, Antonio Gaudi, and the unique styles of Spanish artist, Picasso, as well as the city’s affinity for mosaics.

When our daughter (one of my star students!) encountered this sculpture while wandering the streets of Barcelona, her immediate response was “Look! That’s a Lichtenstein!”  And she was right!  Mission accomplished! Cultural literacy achieved!  

So, Barcelona, Spain stays on my Bucket List—and I bet there is a tapas bar just around the corner! 

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