The World: My Classroom!

Cher’s students discover Picasso’s “Guernica” on a side street in Rome! P.C. Cher B.

“Professor Cher! There’s the Guernica!”

“No, it can’t be. The Guernica is in Spain. We’re in ROME!”

“NO! It’s there! Right down that street!”

And sure enough…they were right–sort of! They had discovered a true-to-size replica of Picasso’s famous “Guernica” on a side street in Rome, Italy. This mosaic copy was created outside a convention center in Rome during the time of our visit. I was so proud that my students connected the dots to recognize and identify this masterpiece, so totally out of context!

The world–my classroom – and what a great classroom it is! I offer a variety of studies, both virtual and face-to-face, for groups or individuals. These courses have been established over the years in a variety of ways. As an adjunct professor for North Central University, Minneapolis, I have taught Intercultural Studies courses since 2009 . Many of these courses culminated in tours across Europe and the Middle East. These courses have been enhanced with the Art History courses taught as adjunct professor for Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Art Tours at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) – A great way to experience and appreciate art is to explore options in one’s own back yard. I will again offer personalized tours of the Mia once more of the pandemic restrictions are lifted and everyone feels safer. My unique tours have been developed during the 30+ years I have led customized Mia tours for students and adults. 90 minute tours currently include the following themes:

  • Best of Mia Highlights
  • Ancient & Medieval Art
  • Renaissance-19th Century Art
  • Impressionism-20th Century Art
  • American, African, Asian & Islamic Art
  • Sculpture throughout History
  • Art seen through the Elements of Design.
  • Requests, cost and reservations are available by contacting me at Additional tours are available by request. Sessions include an introduction, interactive tour, and discussion as we explore the treasures of this world class museum. Meanwhile, check out my blog on Art and Travel at the Mia.

Virtual, synchronist Zoom classes can be arranged for groups or individuals thinking about – or preparing to – travel both internationally or within the United States. One exciting aspect of these virtual classes is that no one has to travel from the comfort of their home! Contact me at for details.

YEAH Educational Tours goes to Israel, December 2017

Holy Land classes are offered virtually as well as to coincide with a visit to Israel and Jordan with YEAH Educational Tours, LLC. Interested? Contact me at


Cher, I absolutely loved the 15 week class you did for our trip to Israel. And I loved the trip. I think about it almost daily. It made such an impact on me. I cannot wait to go again. S.L. (3/23/2021)

Prof Cher’s students enjoying a much-needed meal after an early morning climb up (and down!) Mount Sinai, Sinai Peninsula

Prof Cher’s students and leaders taking in some local culture and cuisine in Athens, Greece

Prof Cher’s students and leaders soaking up the desert sun in Jeresh, Jordan

Prof Cher’s students enjoying a grand view of the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem, Israel

Prof Cher’s students relaxing on a fast ferry ride on the Red Sea out of the Port of Aqaba, Israel

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