One of my all-time favorite places to visit and explore: the Acropolis in Athens, Greece! It is “old” but it never gets “old!”

Charamana Consulting: Travel

I love to explore the world around me, locally and internationally. And beyond my personal ventures, I love to help others to experience their world–no matter where it takes them. When I think about it, I have been helping and guiding others–like you!–explore their world all my life!

As a young woman in my 20’s, I worked for a major airline scheduling itineraries for people to fly around the world. Headquartered in New York City, I not only explored that wonderful city on my own, but led fun, customized, personal tours of the Big Apple for out-of-town family and friends who visited me. It was especially exciting when, as an adjunct professor later in life (art history and intercultural studies), I got to re-discover and share this fascinating city leading tours with my high school/college students.

A trip to the top of the Empire State Building is on the Top Ten List of things to see and in New York City. On this tour with my high school and college students, the contagious joy on all our faces really highlights the fun we all had discovering and exploring this city.

As a young mother, home educating our two children, I joyfully assumed the role of “Field Trip Queen” and created and led tours exploring the wonders of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Chicago, IL and the Upper Midwest for home school children and their families.

As we wound our way through the side streets of Rome, Italy, I heard a student shout: “Cher! There’s the Guernica!” I said. “No. The Guernica is in Spain!” – but there it was! Life size at that! What an unexpected surprise to discover this mosaic replica of Picasso’s Guernica! (The original is in Spain!). And it made me so proud that they recognized this masterpiece of great art totally out of context!

Later, as an adjunct college professor, I led (and continue to lead) national and international tours of high school students earning college credit through the preparatory courses I taught in anticipation of the trip. The prep course provided all of us with the opportunity to get a solid background in and understanding of where we would be going, what we would be seeing and experiencing, how we would navigate, and appreciating it much much more when we got there.

Through all these experiences, the joy that I felt–and continue to feel–in sharing the excitement of exploring with others the world around them–both in planning and real time–runs deep in the veins. My desire is to develop the skills in my students of all ages to feel confident and competent to explore the wonders of the world on their own.

As we move past COVID-19 and the world again opens up for us to travel not only internationally, but within our cities and states, I hope to continue to work with people like you and help you customize your journeys into the world around you. I want to help you make your travel experiences not only the best they can be, but uniquely and memorably yours. ~ Contact Cher at Charamana Consulting at

Charamana Consulting: Diplomas

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