9/11 – New York City Remembered

9/11…New York City…Both conjure up strong memories in my mind and emotions in my heart. As scenes of the horrors of 9/11 have been reviewed on this 20th anniversary, I flash back to memories of my personal times in NYC. As a young woman – I lived and worked in Manhattan. Years later, as a tour leader – I led groups of students to explore this great city. In this blog, I revisit and remember this city and reflect on its great resiliency.

Art for The Annunciation: Mary’s Miracle (Campin)

The Annunciation is an integral part of the Christmas Advent season. One of my favorite renditions of this scene is the Merode Altarpiece. It is a treasure of the Met Cloisters, atop a hill hidden in the far north end of New York City’s Manhattan Island. It is a true blend of medieval and modern in our own country.

LOVE says it all…in Art (Indiana)

LOVE says it all…in art and in marriage (hopefully!) This week’s art is dedicated to my great husband on our 43rd anniversary. I love this artwork as it reminds me of my time living in NYC in the late 60’s. It became the pop symbol of the flower-powered decade, despite the artist’s association of love with his faith. Versions of LOVE are found in 2D and 3D sculptures, along with much memorabilia. Click on the link to find out more about both this iconic symbol as well as the artist.

The City is Dark – in Art & Life (O’Keeffe, NYC, Art in Bloom/Mia/Minneapolis, MN)

Due to COVID the annual Art in Bloom at the MIA was cancelled, and the streets of NYC are dark and empty. In “City Night” O’Keeffe captures the stark streets of New York, an image reflected in a stunning bouquet at last year’s flower show.