9/11 – New York City Remembered

Cher’s Travel: New York City, USA

11 September 2021

New York City – Remembering the City before and after 9/11

New York City holds a spot near and dear to my heart and life. As a young woman, I took a job with a major airline with the exciting anticipation that, upon completion of training, I would be placed anywhere in the United States where there was an opening. The suspense built – and once announced, I had four days to pack my life and move to some unknown destination! Chicago? Anchorage? Miami? Los Angeles? Seattle? Atlanta? Stay in Minneapolis/St. Paul? . . .

And the answer was. . . New York City!!

As a young lady from Minnesota who had never been to the Big Apple, this was quite a culture shock! (I even had to have someone explain to me what a borough was!)

My co-workers and I, all mostly transplants to the City, took full advantage of the opportunity! Broadway plays! Art museums! We hit major tourist sites: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island… We did it all! We saw it all!

I worked in an office building at 2 Penn Plaza, mid-town Manhattan, next to Madison Square Garden. Seen here in the middle of the photo taken by me in 2009 from the top of the Empire State Building.

During my journey to discover this great city, the airline went on strike. My life was put on hold, although I had lots of free time explore all the free stuff in the City with my co-workers who had become good friends! Eventually, we went our separate ways, led by family and job opportunities.

But the love of New York City was instilled in our hearts forever.

New York City: the Skyline Changes. . .

Decades later, I had the opportunity to return. I led two groups of high school/college students on a tour of the City. Instilling a knowledge and love of the city to these eager young people was the joy of a lifetime!

The City had changed… Places such as Bryant Park were no longer unsafe and to be avoided. They were active cultural hubs to be enjoyed.

But the biggest change was something that had been both built – and had been destroyed – between my two NY experiences: The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Built (1973) after my time living in NY (1969-71)- and destroyed (2001) – before my visits (2009, 2014) –

9/11 had forever changed the landscape – and the City – and those that love it.

Lower Manhattan Battery Park area and Twin Towers before 9/11.
Google Images (10 September 2021)

The Day the Towers Fell. . .

As with all major life events, we remember where we were when we heard the news – and saw the events – as they unfolded on that fateful day: 9/11.

As I watched the images continue to unfold on the TV, my mind flashed back to when I lived there. I felt as if I were in the City once again. I could feel the panic, the pain and the grief.

World Trade Towers and Brooklyn Bridge on 9/11.
Google Images 10 September 2021

World Trade Towers and Brooklyn Bridge before 9/11.
Google Images (10 September 2021)

New York City: Then & Now

Eight years later, when YEAH Tours visited in 2009, the site was under construction and still a gaping hole in the ground, now called Ground Zero.

When we again visited in 2014, Ground Zero had transformed into a stunning memorial to those who gave their lives that day, and those heroes who fought to save them.

Today the memorial is finished and a must-see for locals and visitors alike as a testament to all involved with 9/11.

These before -and after – 9/11 photos of the New York skyline juxtaposed with the Brooklyn Bridge are a good example of the empty hole that it left in the skyline.

Looking at the Space vacated by the fall of the World Trade Towers west of the Brooklyn Bridge after 9/11.
P.C. Cher B. May 2009.

New York City: the Resiliency. . .

One thing that stood out to me during our post-9/11 visits was the resiliency of New York to get back on its feet.

The city once again went dark during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

I am confident that it will again rise above its challenges and its resiliency will once again reign supreme.

Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge at sunset – after 9/11.
P.C. Cher B May 2014.

New York City. . . a Decade (or Two!) Later

As an encouragement to anyone wanting to visit New York City, here are a few of the many reasons why you should keep it on your Bucket List!

Taken during our 2009 and 2014 YEAH Tours, the joy on the faces of the travelers affirms that my mission was accomplished!

Enjoy my photos below of our experiences.

Mary and Joy, YEAH travelers, enjoying the Manhattan skyline atop the Met Art Museum. P.C. Cher B May 2009

New York City: the Joy of Discovery

Cultural literacy at its best is 10 days in Manhattan!

Statue of Liberty

Cher, Mary and Amy visit Lady Liberty,
P.C. Liberty Island photographers.

Lower Manhattan

Battery Park

A YEAH traveler relaxes in Battery Park looking south out at the Statue of Liberty.
P.C. Cher B. May 2009

Liberty Island & Ellis Island

The hole in the landscape made in lower Manhattan by the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers is seen looking south from the Empire State Building.
Liberty Island is in the upper-center and Ellis Island just in front of it.
P.C. Cher B. May 2009.

New York City has so many places to go and sites to see.

Here are some of the favorites of YEAH travelers. . .

Central Park

YEAH travelers take a break from the hard Manhattan asphalt and relax and hang out in Central Park.
P.C. Cher B May 2009

“The Thinker” at Columbia University

The Thinker observes the YEAH travelers at Columbia University.
P.C. Fellow traveler. May 2009

The Cloisters – Medieval Collection of the Metropolitan Art Museum

YEAH travelers, Jenna and Chelsea, admiring the cloisters which give the building its name!
P.C. Cher B. May 2009
YEAH Travelers admiring the Merode Altarpiece by Robert Campin.
P.C. Cher B. May 2009

NY style Pizza

New York Style Pizza at Lombardi’s in Little Italy, lower Manhattan, served by Louis and Joy.
P.C. Cher B, May 2009

NY Green Space

Time for “Green Space” was a part of every day! This time is in Washington Square, lower Manhattan, one of the many parks in NYC. P.C. Cher B. May 2009.

Empire State Building

YEAH Tours 2014 at the Empire State Building.
P.C. photographers on site

Metropolitan Art Museum

Metropolitan Art Museum Egyptian collection. P.C. Cher B. May 2009
Nothing is more for for an art history teacher than to share a world-class museum such as New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Louis and Lindsay admire a portrait of Don Manuel Osorio by Goya.
P.C Cher B. May 2009

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Madam Tussaud’s was a great place to share the glory with famous people! Mary, Michael and Isaiah emulate Superman.
P.C. Cher B. May 2009
Cher hangs out with Andy Warhol at Madame Tussaud’s. May 2009. P.C. Fellow traveler.

Washington Square

YEAH Tours 2009 at the Washington Square Park and Arch.
P.C. Fellow traveler. May 2009

Statue of Liberty & Museum

The Statue of Liberty Museum showed Mary and Joy how HUGE Lady Liberty really is!
P.C. Cher B. May 2009.

NY Shopping

Street vendors provide great deals for shoppers Chelsea and Janie!
P.C. Cher B. May 2009
Amy and Jenna window shop on Fifth Avenue!
P.C. Cher B. May 2009

NY Subway

By the end of the trip, we were experts at the New York subway system! A major cultural experience by itself.
P.C. Cher B. May 2009

So, New York – Thanks for everything! I’ll be back!

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