Autumn 2020: Retrospect of a Year in the Life of the Pandemic with Cher’s Famous Art

Cher’s Famous Art

Autumn 2020 – A Retrospect

Fall 2020 Retrospect

Fall 2020 marked a half-year of the pandemic shut downs. Those six months seemed like forever…

And yet… here we are, another year has passed and the end is still not in sight, but we remain hopeful, filled with hope.

Follow the progression, week by week, in the review of my blog posts for Fall 2020, as seen through famous art. Click on the link to connect you to discussion, reflections, art and details reflecting that week’s topics.

During Fall 2020…

  • Schools opened with much uncertainty with many classes/schools going totally on-line, doing school at home – shaking the home school movement to its core.
  • Autumn was lovely, but the colder weather drove us indoors, forced into small, calculated groups.
  • An early snowstorm on October 20th, although beautiful, was like a punch in the gut.
  • The mandate to wear masks was universal, though still controversial.
  • Our US Presidential election brought heated controversy as the country remained split nearly 50/50.
  • Thanksgiving, the first big indoor holiday, brought with it uncertainty of the safety of group gatherings – and a COVID Surge.
  • A second mass shut down in November was met with both anger and solemn resignation.
  • A Vaccination against COVID-19 was so close we could touch it, but not quite ready yet…
  • Christmas and New Year holidays – and the upcoming frozen winter months – were anticipated with fear and trepidation.
  • We yearned for this nightmare to be over so we could go back to being “normal” – whatever “normal” was going to be…

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