2021 Travel Dates to the World Class Cities in my Back Yard: Fav Photos

When options for world travel all be ceased due to COVID, I explored the world class cities & sites in my backyard – St. Paul & Minneapolis MN USA.2021 Travel Dates with my husband and friends were created. This blog shares my favorite photos of my favorite places – and links for more details for you to check out.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Art & Travel – Minneapolis, MN USA

I love sculpture – and I love gardens! Sculpture gardens provide the best of both! My Travel Date to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the largest urban sculpture garden in the United States was filled with famous art, warm sun and great fellowship. My blog showcases the Garden and some of my favorite sculptures.

LOVE says it all…in Art (Indiana)

LOVE says it all…in art and in marriage (hopefully!) This week’s art is dedicated to my great husband on our 43rd anniversary. I love this artwork as it reminds me of my time living in NYC in the late 60’s. It became the pop symbol of the flower-powered decade, despite the artist’s association of love with his faith. Versions of LOVE are found in 2D and 3D sculptures, along with much memorabilia. Click on the link to find out more about both this iconic symbol as well as the artist.