Cathedral of St. Paul, Art & Travel – St. Paul, MN USA

Unable to travel abroad due to the pandemic restrictions, my husband and I are embarking on a summer of Travel Dates to the world-class-cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, out our back door. This blog shares our visit to the majestic Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota, definitely a must-see for any visitor to this great city!

Valentine’s Day: Art in A Kiss (Klimt)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve selected Klimt’s famous painting, The Kiss” to represent this day we set aside to show love for those close to us: family, friends and lovers. For discussion on this life-size, golden art and the famous artist, check out this week’s blog.

Hagia Sophia – Holy Wisdom??? (Art & Travel to Istanbul)

Since 1934, the Hagia Sophia has been a museum and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1985) cherished by Christians and Muslims alike. For over 80 years, it has served as a monument of relative harmony and a symbol of the secularism that was a part of the foundations of the modern Turkish state.