The Last Supper: Art for Holy Week (Leonardo da Vinci)

Maundy Thursday: “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci is one of most recognized art of all times. As Christians observe the last supper of Jesus with his disciples this week, this painting highlights the event and the individuals involved. My blog provides an Armchair Visit to its home base in Italy, close up photos, and insight into this masterpiece.

Film Discussion: Woman in Gold (Austria)

“Woman in Gold” is a gripping biographical drama with interest for lovers: lovers of art (Klimt at his best); lovers of history (WWII art heists by the Germans); and lovers of justice (stolen art is valiantly fought for and reclaimed)! Lovers of travel will enjoy scenes in Vienna, past and present. Enjoy my Arm Chair Travel Film Discussion on this blog.

Golden Autumn! Golden Art! (Klimt)

Golden Autumn! Golden Art! Much like the golden colors carpeting our Minnesota lawns and landscapes this time of year, Gustaf Klimt shares the blazing reds, ambers and golds to remind us of autumn. His “Birch Trees,” though void of people, share the luminous golds present in his more famous oil paintings: “The Kiss” and “Woman in Gold” with its colorful history, having been stolen by the Nazis in 1941 and on which the 2015 film was based