Power of Prayer in Art: George Washington (Friberg)

This famous painting of the American Revolution, “Prayer at Valley Forge” shows the perseverance of our first US president, and his dependence on the power of prayer to God. As we move into a new era in our government, let us pray that the power of prayer to God not be forgotten by us or our leaders.

Art for Thanksgiving: Freedom from Want (Rockwell)

You would be disappointed if I did not include this iconic Thanksgiving feast by Norman Rockwell! The setting is something for us to reflect on this year as we have been forced to define for ourselves: wants vs. needs.

Summer Road Trips: Coming & Going in Art & Life (Rockwell)

Americans on the move. Road trips. This summer, after being cooped up during the endless spring shutdown, and not wanting to risk air travel, many families are taking road trips such as were popular after WWII. Rockwell portrayed one such trip in “Coming & Going” asking the eternal question: “Are we there yet?”

Morning Glories – in Art & Life (O’Keeffe)

Twenty-two weeks into this 2020 COVID pandemic, I look for things that give me joy! Flowers such as these morning glories give me joy! This summer my flower garden is lush and colorful–and full of opportunity to give me much joy! O’Keeffe’s paintings of flowers are meant to provide joy to the viewer.

4th of July = Fireworks. . . or not?? Art & Life (Whistler)

To celebrate the fireworks that we may NOT be seeing this 4th of July due to COVID-19 restrictions, I’m sharing an oil painting of a fireworks display on a foggy night in London by a well-known American artist, Whistler. I enjoy this painting because it reminds me the night sky just as the fireworks are dissolving into the atmosphere.

Art for Flag Day: The American Flag (Jasper Johns)

This painting is to recognize Flag Day and honor our USA flag. The American flag was one of Jasper John’s signature emblems; He created the painting to elicit a closer look at our flag because he felt that the flag was a common object that was “seen and not looked at, not examined.”

Golden Rule: Do Unto Others. . . in Art & Life (Rockwell)

Pondering famous art pertinent to the horrendous current events of racism and violence this past week with the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minnesota, this verse and artwork came to mind. If we all applied the Golden Rule to our lives, the world would be a much different place.