Summer Road Trips: Coming & Going in Art & Life (Rockwell)

Cher’s Famous Art

25 July 2020

”Coming and Going”

Norman Rockwell, 1947, American Illustrator

Americans on the move.  Road trips.  This summer, after being cooped up during the endless spring shutdown, and not wanting to risk air travel, many families are taking road trips such as were popular after WWII. 

One such trip is portrayed by Rockwell, famous for having his paintbrush on the pulse of the times, on the Saturday Evening Post cover 30 August 1947. One can almost hear the eternal childhood refrain etched in our memories: “Are we there yet?” 

The original is 16” x 31.5” and is part of the collection of the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA.

TRAVEL TIP: If you are on a road trip on the East coast and going through Massachusetts, Stockbridge is a quaint stop as a small town on its own, but don’t miss the Norman Rockwell Museum as it not only has a vast collection of his work, but also reveals a snapshot of mid-century Americana.

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