The Scream – in Art & Life (Munch)

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21 March 2020

“The Scream”

by Edvard Munch, 1893-1920 (4 versions) Norwegian Expressionist

COVID & The Voiceless Scream

The iconic, haunting face in this painting seems very appropriate for the whole world right now! The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world full force, shutting down schools, churches, restaurants—even whole countries!  While grounded in the real world, the subject departs from visual reality with a voiceless scream. Sound familiar?! There are many, many interpretations of this painting, each valid.  But for today, in this time and place, my computer screen is silent, but the posts on our Face book posts literally scream!  

5 Versions

Munch painted 4 variations of this scene (actually 5 if you count a lithograph).   I saw this one on a trip to Oslo Norway in 2004 (National Museum).  Interestingly, soon after, it was stolen! (But recovered, fortunately) The others are in the Munch Museum, Oslo. 

The 5 include the most famous one, in the National Museum: tempera on cardboard (1893); and the others in the Munch Museum:  crayon on cardboard (1893), pastel on cardboard (1895), lithograph (1895) and tempera on board (1910).  The pastel was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 1212 for £ 74 million.  

Oslo Museums

A trip to Oslo is not complete without seeing The Scream (all variations) in person!
– National Museum in Oslo, Norway –
– Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway –

Tempera on Cardboard

1893 tempera on cardboard, National Museum, Oslo


1895 Lithograph, Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

Pastel on Cardboard

1895 pastel on cardboard, Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

Tempera on Board

1910 Tempera on board, Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

Crayon on Cardboard

1893 crayon on cardboard, Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

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