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02 May 2020

“Horse Galloping”

by Eadward Muybridge, 1878, photograph, American

This posting is for horse lovers everywhere!

In honor of the Kentucky Derby horse race which typically runs on the 1st Saturday in May—until 2020 when its 146th race has been postponed due to the COVID-19 shutdown. It has been rescheduled to run on September 5.  This scheduling, of course, impacts the other two parts of the infamous Triple Crown (Preakness: 2 weeks later; Belmont Stakes: 3 weeks after that).  And you thought you had scheduling issues?   

In “Horse Galloping,” Muybridge was recruited to resolve a bet about whether all four feet of a horse galloping at top speed are off the ground at any point in the stride. And yes, they are! 

Technically,it is also the birth of the modern moving picture!

Horse Galloping by Eadward Muybridge

The art of his photography not only had an impact on science, but also modern cinema!  Check out his other photographs which use this same concept with almost as interesting results!

Update: On 05 September 2020, the 146th Kentucky Derby ran, but to empty seats.

Update 2021 and 2022: The Kentucky Derby runs again in 2021 with an interesting twist to the fairy tale story of the winner and his tragic ending. Plus horse racing and the art of Degas!

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