Art for Mother’s Day 2020 (Cassatt)

Cher’s Famous Art

10 May 2020

Mother & Child”

by Mary Cassatt, c. 1897, American, Impressionist painter

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mary Cassatt is well known for her sensitive oil paintings of women and children; primarily because it was a subject that woman knew well and could paint without ridicule and without leaving the sanctity of their homes. 

Mother & Child, Mary Cassatt

Before the 20th century, women artists were uncommon, and then only if they had the encouragement and mentoring of a brother, father or friend “in the business.”  In her case, this mentor was the French Impressionist, Edgar Degas.

Mary Cassatt was American-born, but she felt more at home with French-European art and culture and was often accused of snubbing her nose at her American roots.

This painting is in the collection of the Musee d’ Orsay, Paris, France.

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