Brit’s Pub: Bit O’ Britain in Minneapolis, MN USA

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06 August 2021

A Taste of the UK in Minneapolis: Brit’s Pub

As I seek the experience and ‘travel’ the world in our backyard, one eating establishment stands out as authentically British as one can get in Minnesota!

On our Travel Date to downtown Minneapolis, Skip and I enjoyed lunch with a bit of Great Britain at Brit’s Pub.

On the south end of Nicollet Mall, across from Peavey Plaza and Orchestra Hall, is a chance to experience a bit of Great Britain without having to travel across the Pond!

Brit’s Pub has been Minneapolis’s own little corner of the UK for over 30 years.

Known for warm nights by the fireplaces in the winter and exhilarating lawn bowling (see below) on the rooftop deck in the summer – it includes a whole lot in-between! There are legendary TV football (soccer!) and rugby events, of course.

Royal Weddings: I remember hearing about an event in the wee hours of the morning (Brit time zone), complete with fancy hats, to watch the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana!

The 1981 wedding, which was broadcast on television and seen by around 750 million people around the world, is still considered one of the most memorable royal weddings of all time.

The unassuming Brit’s Pub entry off of Nicollet Mall opens to a vast space and opportunities inside!

Brit’s Pub opened its doors in 1990, growing from a small two-room tavern to the grand establishment it is today. Over the years, additions have included the Long Room (1994), the world-renowned English Garden Park (1998) with its 10,000 square foot Lawn Bowling green!

Two new spaces were opened in 2006. The Veranda Bar is an outdoor rooftop bar overlooking the English Garden Park. The Clubhouse is a comfy cocktail and party lounge with views over Nicollet Mall and Peavey Plaza (see below).

Awards: Brit’s Pub was voted pub of the year 2021 by Mpls.St.Paul magazine and one of the top rooftop bars in America by Thrillist, an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment. Cheers!

Patio dining at its best

Lawn Bowling – a Brit’s Pub entity.

Bowling Lawn Green. P.C. Cher B 06 August 2021

Their website states that “One of the reasons Lawn Bowling is so popular at Brits is that it is so easy to play. Whatever age, gender, physical or academic prowess – it doesn’t matter! Anybody can learn the rules and play to a good standard very quickly. It’s very similar to Bocce Ball – just make sure you ROLL YOUR BOWLS!

No one was playing while we were there, but it looks like both a good participant AND spectator sport!

The Lawn Bowling Green is in operation mid-May and mid-September. They often open earlier for advertised soccer and rugby games.

Festive atmosphere

Colorful flags on the ceiling honoring friends and rivals in the world of football/soccer and rugby!

The day we visited, the 2022 Summer Olympics were playing on TVs of all sizes around the pub.

Brit’s Pub. P.C. Cher B 06 August 2021

We were treated to some Scottish kilt clad blokes, but I never did find out who they were or what the occasion!

Lunch on the patio with great food.

Brit’s Pub patio dining. P.C. Cher B 06 2021

Tasty British food favorites included Shepherd’s Pie and Fish and Chips (of course!) Yes, they look – and taste – like American French Fries!

Skip B. P.C. Cher B 06 2021

Other British favorites included their famous scotch eggs, chicken pot pie, sticky toffee bread pudding, burnt creme – and a variety of sandwiches, burgers and salads.

Patio with a great view

Brit’s Pub patio dining. P.C. Cher B 06 2021

Brit’s Pub faces Peavey Plaza and Orchestra Hall across Nicollet Avenue

Peavey Plaza. P.C. Cher B 06 August 2021

Peavey Plaza is a nice restful open public space with water fountains and ponds, trees, seating and piano!

Orchestra Hall. P.C. Cher B 06 August 2021

Orchestra Hall entrance is off of Peavey Plaza. Sometimes they host summer concerts on the plaza open to the public.

It was a fun break during a fun Travel Date in downtown Minneapolis. It was a very full day as we visited Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis City Hall & Hennepin County Government Center, Foshay Tower, the IDS Center and the Mary Tyler Moore Statue.


  • All photos by Cher B 06 August 2021
  • Self-guided tour (!) with Cher and Skip B, 06 August, 2021
  • Website:


  • Address: 1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN
  • Website: – for hours, menu, events
  • Parking: This summer (2021) they are offering FREE PARKING in our lot. Our lot is on 11th Street; go through Nicollet and it is approx. 30 yards on your left (underneath the British flags). Also metered on-street parking in the area.
  • Private Event Spaces: a unique range of spaces are available, many with their own bar and fireplace.

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