Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cher Travels to Mexican Riviera

April 2022

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – the tip of the Baja Peninsula

After a two year COVID break, we again spread our wings to worlds beyond via our favorite mode of travel: Cruising!

This stop: Cabo San Lucas!

At the far southern tip of the Baja Peninsula (the tail hanging down below California) is the Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas.

Our short time here, the first stop on our cruise vacation gave us a tiny but appetizing taste of the area. It provided a glimpse at the variety of landscape – from sandy beaches and rocky cliffs to colorful flora and stark cactus – and a magnificent sunset!

Read more about cruising beyond COVID in the Mexican Riviera off of California & the Baja Peninsula on my blog devoted to the overall trip and cruise experience.

Sunset over Cabo San Lucas.
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Our Itinerary on the Mexican Riviera

The “Mexican Riviera” refers collectively to twenty cities and lagoons lying on the western coast of Mexico. Coined by the tourist industry to promote the area for cruises because of association with the Italian and French Riviera. Much like its European counterpart, the area provides many ocean front resorts, popular with tourists.

Our cruise left the Port of Los Angeles with stops at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta with three days at sea to enjoy the Pacific Ocean as it edged past the Baja Peninsula.

Highlights of our other ports of call, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, are included on separate blogs!

Cabo San Lucas

At the far southern tip of the Baja Peninsula is Cabo San Lucas. Our short time there, and small sampling of the area, provided us with a diverse and beautiful experience.

Cher at Cabo San Lucas.
P.C. Skip B. 4/12/2022
Cabo San Lucas: the Port

The port is a short walking distance from the heart of the city. We arrived in port via ferry boat from the ship.

Special rock formations seen as we entered the port.
P.C. Cher B 4/12/2022
Port of Cabo San Lucas from ferry boat.
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/2022

Sweeping panoramic views of the Bay of Cabo San Lucas and El Arco could be seen from one of our picturesque stops

Panoramic view of Bay of Cabo San Lucas
P.C. Cher B 4/12/22
Bay of Cabo San Lucas
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas: view from the Ship

We spent the evening dining on the waterfront of our ship with Cabo San Lucas on the horizon.

Waterfront dining at Cagney’s Steakhouse with the Cabo San Lucas city nightlights in view!
P.C. Cher B 2/12/22

The sun setting behind the mountains and the city lights coming into view created a magical evening!

Sunset over Cabo San Lucas.
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Skip & Cher at Cabo San Lucas.
P.C. Kind fellow traveler. 4/12/22
Flowers bursting with color were everywhere!
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Cabo San Lucas Scenery

It was a picturesque drive through the Baja California desert terrain with stark cactus on the sandy desert and rocky cliffs – to bright flora on trees and in gardens – and the stark white homes built on the cliffs against the blue sky and water.

Homes on the cliffs.
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Cabo San Lucas desert terrain.
P.C. Cher B 4/12/22
Nearby Mexican Town

San Jose del Cabo

Just outside of Cabo San Lucas was a small Mexican town of San Jose del Cabo. It gave us a small glimpse of local culture with its charming, tree-lined streets, colorful murals and historic town plaza. Here we discovered a wonderful church, the first of the town square gazebos – and a fantastic ice cream shop!

San Jose del Cabo

We took a fun walk around the quaint town – and of course discovered a delicious ice cream shop that made its own ice cream – and dozens of flavors on a stick (like a fudgesicle).

Town sign by the church.
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Welcome to the Town Square!
P.C. Cher B 4/112/22
Local town square gazebo.
P.C. Cher B 4/12/22
Ice Cream Stop
Skip enjoying ice cream!
P.C. Cher B. 4/12/22
Glass Blowing

Cabo San Lucas: Glass Blowing Factory

To experience some of the local culture, we stopped at a local glass factory. we watched artisans at work, learned their time-honored techniques, and browsed their colorful creations in the gift shop – of course! I purchased a unique vase to add to my collection from around the world. Priced in Mexican pesos worth thousands on the price tag, I expected it to cost around 25.00 USD. To my delight…it was only 5.00 USD!

Glass Blowing Factory

From the glass in the mosaics on the floor, walls and windows, to the rows and rows of commercial glassware and unique decorative pieces, it was a fun experience.

Glass-blown whale was created while we watched!
P.C. Cher B 2/12/22

Another exciting thing about this business is that they recycled glass to use in their products. We saw stacks of wine & beer bottles, glass dishes, etc. waiting to be melted and recycled into new products.

Glass mosaics on walls, floor and windows – everywhere!
P.C. Cher B 2/12/22
Glass mosaics on walls, floor and windows – everywhere!
P.C. Cher B 2/12/22
Glass Blowing Shop

It was fun to discover the custom, hand-crafted glassware that my daughter purchased some years ago amidst their items for sale! Now I can tell her where they were created!

P.C. Cher B. 2/12/22

This was our first visit to the Baja Peninsula and Cabo San Lucas – and we look forward exploring the area on future visits.

Read about our other two stops – Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on separate blogs!


  • Personal information acquired at local sites by Cher B. 12 April 2022
  • Tour information from our local tour guide for Tropical Tours arranged through NCL and NCL travel excursion information. 12 April 2022
  • All Photos by Cher B and Skip B. 12 April 2022

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