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12 June 2020

“Breakfast in the Garden”

Frederick Carl Frieseke, American, Impressionism, c. 1911

The particular painting reminded me of a recent photograph I took of my fabulous sister, sitting in her lush spring gardens—also dappled in sunlight! 

“Breakfast in the Garden”

Frederick Carl Frieseke, an America Impressionist painter, and not as well-known as Monet and others, he spent most of his life as an expatriate in France and was a member of the Giverny (Monet) art colony. I enjoy his paintings because they are dappled in sunlight. 

My sister and I had a fun day wandering in her sun-dappled gardens, having tea and snacks, and planning settings for some summer fun as two artists “doing art!” Her Hosta Hollow is the inspiration for much of her art work.   I am so blessed to have such a wonderful sister with whom I love spending time and who is a kindred spirit in art and life and faith! This is also a tribute to her June birthday next week!  

Happy Birthday!
“Breakfast in the Garden” Happy birthday Sister!
.C. Cher B 12 June 2020

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