Winter 2020-21: A Year in the Life of the Pandemic with Cher’s Famous Art

Cher’s Famous Art

Winter 2020-21

The winter of 2020-2021 was one of self-isolation for me. We celebrated our birthdays, our wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day. We grieved at the loss of travel plans to escape to warmer, sunny places in the south during the frigid northern winter. But the warmth of love of family and friends sustained us. In the end, we emerged stronger, more resilient, and more appreciative of the abundant blessings we enjoyed in our lives.

Click on the thumbnail posts below to transport you to the pictures and reflections on those blogs.

The winter culminated with a Travel Date to “Art in Ice” from the Mia (Minneapolis Institute of Art), this one set at Lake Bde Maka Ska. It set the stage for our Travel Dates to the world-class cities and sites in our back yard which we carried out in the spring, summer and fall in lieu of our travel plans abroad and further afield!

Other Year-in-the-Life Season Retrospects

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